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How to Double Your Money: Here Are the 5 Best Ways

Do you want to double your money? If you’re like most people, the answer to that question is probably an emphatic yes. Most people would love to have 2x their current money sitting in their bank accounts – whether they have $10,000, $100k, or even $10 million. Of course, doubling your net worth is not an easy task as most investments take a very long time to 2x in value, if they even double at all! Sadly, most people believe that there are no good answers to the “how to double your money?” question because many standard investments don’t do that very quickly (stocks, bonds, etc.).

However, if you’re willing to consider all types of investments, it is possible to double your money with relatively low risk. Here are the five best investments to grow your net worth to 2x in the next few years! 

How to Double Your Money: Invest in Real Estate Syndications

One of the best ways to double your money is to invest in a real estate syndication. These syndications can provide investors with the opportunity to make fantastic returns.

Real estate syndications are groups of investors that buy specific multifamily or commercial building. The investors then typically improve the building and, through those value add improvements, increase the rental income and value of the asset. After approximately five years, most syndications look to sell the building for a profit.

These syndications are powerful because they provide solid returns through the ownership years. They also offer the opportunity for substantial capital appreciation at the end of the ownership period.

Many real estate syndications offer approximately 8%-10% returns during the five or so years the syndication owns the real estate project. At the end of the five years, many buildings can sell for 40%-60% more. 

Practically, this means many syndications offer the opportunity to double your money and earn 80%-110% returns over five years, thereby effectively doubling someone’s money in that timeframe!

Very few investments offer this potential! Of course, review the prospective real estate deal carefully before investing to ensure it is fundamentally sound!

One of the only downfalls to real estate syndications is it requires a higher minimum investment than investing in stocks or REITs. Minimum investments for real estate syndications tend to start at a minimum of $25,000, but some syndications may require up to $75k to get involved. 

If you’re interested in getting involved in a real estate syndication – fill out Disrupt Equity’s investment form to stay in the loop on upcoming investment opportunities. 

Buy, Invest in, or Start a Business

Another way to double your money is to buy, invest in, or start a business. Angel investors, for example, can sometimes earn more than 2x their money by investing in the right company. Indeed, Peter Thiel turned $500,000 into many billions with his investment in Facebook.

If you don’t want to invest in or buy a pre-existing business, you can always start your own. With your own company, the sky is truly the limit for what you can earn, however this would not be a passive venture.

Of course, the downside to this approach is that many businesses can and do fail. Angel investors can hit it big with the right investment, but they often make many bad ones before hitting “the big one.”

Going into or buying a business can work when looking at how to double your money, but other methods, like syndications, tend to carry significantly less risk.

Buy Conventional Real Estate

If you don’t want to go into business for yourself and you don’t want to go with a syndication, you can always buy real estate, like a single-family home or condo, and rent it out. Between rental income and capital appreciation, you have the chance to double your money in a 5-10 years depending on the market. 

Buying an investment property typically requires at least 20% down. Also, keep in mind that you are on the hook for the mortgage, even if you cannot find any tenants for the property. You must be strategic when investing in this type of real estate to avoid accidentally triggering a cash flow crisis.

However, buying and holding in a bull market can double your money. Indeed, house prices in the United States have averaged 10%-20% YoY returns since the beginning of 2020 and 5%+ even before that. If you bought and held within the past five or so years, you could have almost doubled your money even without renting the place out!

How to Double Your Money: Invest in Stocks

You can double your money investing in the stock market, even if you aren’t actively picking the highest-growth stocks. Historically, the stock market has gained about 6%-7% per year adjusted for inflation, although it’s not the average 16-18% for real estate syndications, 6-7% is still pretty good. If you buy an ETF that tracks the broader market, it’s not entirely inconceivable that you will double your money in about ten years.

Of course, stock purchases have inherent risks in them. Companies can go under, war can breakout out as we have seen in 2022, or you could invest just before another dot-com bubble or 2008 crash. You can typically mitigate these risks through dollar-cost averaging or buying smaller quantities of stocks over time. 

However, since the general market trends upwards, you’ll still significantly increase your overall net worth.

Cryptocurrency Purchases

You can double your money with cryptocurrencies if you have a substantial risk appetite. Buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and the many other cryptocurrencies on the market can yield phenomenal returns. However, since these assets are almost entirely unregulated, you could lose 50% of your money overnight. It’s not uncommon to have these currencies skyrocket or crash 10%-20% in one day.

Still, if you want a quick way to double your money potentially, crypto is one way that you could do it!

How to Double Your Money: Syndications Are the Way to Go

The above five methods will give you the potential to double your money. You could get the timing right on a substantial cryptocurrency purchase or buy a business and make it big. However, arguably the quickest and easiest way to double your money is to invest in a real estate syndication. Averaging 8%-10% returns over its duration and a 40% or so profit from selling the building, a syndication represents one of the better approaches to doubling your money in a realistic timeframe