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View a few of Disrupt’s recent Videos:

MFIN 2021 | Syndicator Panel with Ben Suttles, Kenny Wolfe, Robert Martinez, and Dan Handford.

MFM Live: New Year New Deals Panel On Deals Currently In Progress

MFM Live: Real Full Cycle Case Studies, Small and Large Apartments!

MFM Live: Multifamily Q&A Panel

Underwriting Multifamily Deals as a Passive Investor with Feras Moussa

Finding the Right Deals Syndication Deals for You with Feras Moussa

Multifamily Syndication Depreciation Appreciation Leverage and More with Feras Moussa

Value-add acquisitions and asset management with Ben Suttles and Feras Moussa

Multifamily Investing The RIGHT Way!

Generating Income with Ben Suttles

Handling a Nightmare Syndication Deal with Feras Moussa

DJE Podcast #015 with Ben Suttles

How To Raise Capital And Do Asset Management with Ben Suttles

Vertically Integrated Multifamily Syndication with Ben Suttles from Disrupt Equity

Multifamily Investor Networking Of North Texas Meetup

Feras Moussa's Interview with Rod Khleif

View a few of Disrupt’s recent Podcasts:


View a few of Disrupt’s recently published Forbes articles: