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What kind of investor are you? In this video we will give you a simple explanation of what it takes for you to classify as an accredited investor, and the benefits that can provide to your investment strategy! Did you find this video valuable? If so make sure to give us a like/comment and click on the link below to subscribe to stay up to date on some exciting initiatives we have coming in 2020!




Meet Len.
Len is interested in real estate investing and is asked by his friend Tom what kind of investor he is.
Tom explains that typically to invest in the syndication the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC requires investors to be either an accredited investor or a sophisticated investor.
Len asks what’s the difference. Tom explains the SEC outlines accredited investors as people or entities that hold a high level of financial sophistication allowing them a reduced need for protection.
Accredited investors can be offered investment opportunities that may not be offered to other investors this can mean a higher risk investment for a higher return.
These investors are given favored access if they satisfy certain requirements.
Len asks what it takes for him to qualify to be an accredited investor.
Tom says that he must have one of the following; Len could have a benefit plan exceeding five million dollars, be a General Partner, or an executive officer have a net worth of 1 million dollars, or he could have earned $200,000 annually for the past two years.
These rules would be slightly different if Len was married.
Len is excited to understand the benefits and requirements to being an accredited investor.