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Penelope Durano

Virtual Assistant

Brief info

Penelope Ann Durano is proud to serve as a dedicated Virtual Assistant. Over the course of her remarkable 8-year journey in this field, she has evolved into a versatile professional, demonstrating excellence in various domains.

Throughout her career, Penelope has honed her skills in a multitude of areas, from adeptly managing emails and calendars to handling complex financial planning and precise transcription tasks. Her ability to adapt seamlessly to new challenges and tools has become second nature, making her a valuable all-around virtual ally.

What truly distinguishes Penelope is her proactive problem-solving approach and her gift for effective communication. Whether she's navigating Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, or various project management software, Beyond her skill set, Penelope embodies the traits of reliability, meticulousness, and collaboration. As a member of the team, Penelope personifies the values of excellence, efficiency, and exceeding expectations.