What Are Value Add Properties?

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Are you wanting to invest in assets that will provide you with the highest return? Learn how investing in value add multifamily properties can provide you with the greatest ROI! The term value add is used to describe a property that offers an opportunity to increase cash flow through renovations, re-branding, and or improving operational efficiencies. Making these improvements allows investors to increase rents, obtain more tenants, reduce vacancies, and ultimately add value to the community! !At Disrupt Equity we focus on acquiring value add assets in the Texas, Georgia, and Florida markets. Visit our website www.disruptequity.com to find our more about our company and connect with us on upcoming investment opportunities.

This is Joe. Joe has been interested in investing in multifamily real estate!
Joe wants to know what kind of properties he should invest in, that would provide him with the greatest opportunity to earn high return…
so he is able to retire early!
Joe’s has decided to network with many experienced and successful real estate investors at a multifamily meetup.
 Joe has learned that choosing to invest in the right property comes down to the term “value-add” !!
Value-add is a term that is used to describe a property that offers an opportunity to increase cash flow through renovations,
and/or operational efficiencies. Meaning an effective team managing the property!


A fellow investor tells Joe

That a property that could be physically outdated and may contain managerial issues.. but is in a prime location and great market…. could be an AMAZING value-add opportunity!

This would allow the NEW property management team to come in
Update the property, add amenities, and hire an awesome staff!
These factors will allow management to raise rents, obtain more tenants…
and reduce overall vacancies of the apartment complex.
 Value-Add allows Joe to buy at the discounted run-down price, and later sell it in much better condition! Just like “ flipping a house would be for a single family home!
Joe sees that value-add properties will give him an opportunity to earn the highest returns on his investment.
Allowing him to retire from his job and enjoy doing all of the things he’s always wanted to do!