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Want to learn how to invest in real estate through a self directed IRA? Interested in growing your wealth tax-deferred? Here’s how!


This is Josie.
Josie wants to invest but does not know how she will put forth the money.
Josie is told by George that she can set up a self-directed IRA account to passively build her wealth.
George explains that a self-directed IRA is different than a traditional IRA because instead of investing only in stocks and bonds, a self-directed IRA allows you alternative investment opportunities like multi-family real estate to grow your wealth.
George tells josie that a self-directed IRA account is managed by an IRA custodian who lets you invest in certain multi-family deals. The managing custodian will give investors the green light or red light as it pertains to the investment opportunity as with any IRA, the custodians will get paid a percentage of the total assets within your IRA account.
George describes that investment in multi-family real estate through a self-directed IRA brings immense tax advantages like eliminating capital gains taxes, income taxes and dividend taxes allowing josie to grow her wealth tax deferred.
Josie understands that investing in multi-family real estate through her self-directed IRA is an incredible way to defer taxes and grow her wealth passively for her and her family.