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Value add Atlanta Property Sold Achieving 30%+ Average Annualized Investor Returns!

Disrupt Equity, a Houston-based real estate syndication firm, announced on August 10th, 2021, that it has officially sold Central Park Apartments, a multifamily property in Atlanta, GA.

Located at 582 Roberts Dr, Atlanta, 30274, Georgia, this Class C 90-unit apartment community sold at $96K/ after being acquired in August of 2019 at $51K/door. The Disrupt Equity team implemented a value-add strategy, enhancing select interior units, exterior renovations, and updating amenities upon acquisition. 

“When we purchased Central Park Apartments 2019, the property had meat on the bone and was in a great location to execute our value add renovation strategy, improve the community for our residents and achieve strong investor returns. Central Park was a clean, quiet, and safe property in Atlanta that stayed 95%+ occupied nearly the whole 3 years we held it! ” says Disrupt Equity managing partners

Although the hold period for the project was cut short, this value add multifamily real estate property achieved Disrupt Equity investors a total return to investors of roughly 95-100% and over a 30%+ average annualized return to investors in just 3 years!

The Central Park disposition follows the successful sale of another Atlanta property last month with 3 additional assets arranged to sell by the end of 2021, with many more investment offerings in the pipeline! 

If you are looking to be notified of future investment offerings by Disrupt Equity, make sure you visit and fill out your info!