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Real Estate Syndication Fees

How does a Real Estate Syndication work? Real estate syndication is defined as combining the resources of several different real estate investors to complete a large commercial transaction. The federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) supervises the syndication of real estate because it will involve the sale of “securities” in the form of an “investment contract.…

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Disrupt Equity and Open Door Capital Partner to Acquire 530 Unit Class B Apartment Community Located in Northwest Houston

Disrupt Equity is thrilled to announce the official closing of The Point at Cypress Woods Apartments, which has recently been renamed to Estates at Cypress. Estates at Cypress is a 530 Unit, class B apartment community located in northwest Houston, Texas!  This property was acquired in partnership with Open Door Capital, a Brandon Turner Company. Open Door…

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Offering Memorandum (OM)- Real Estate Template

What is an offering memorandum (OM)?   Generally, a private placement’s offering memorandum – OM is a legal document that states the investment’s objective, risks, and terms. The offering memorandum document includes company financials, management biographies, and detailed business operations information. What is the difference between a prospectus vs. an offering memorandum? All securities offered to…

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