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About Disrupt Equity

We Offer Investors High-Yield Multifamily Investment Opportunities

Disrupt Equity is a real estate syndication company focusing on multifamily real estate investments. We provide our investors with passive real estate investment opportunities to earn strong cash flow, appreciation, and tax advantages on their hard-earned capital.

We vertically integrated with in-house property management, financing, and construction management. Our team has extensive experience in identifying, securing, and operating value-add multifamily properties across the sunbelt region. We use this expertise to offer investors high-yield investment opportunities. We own over $800M in multifamily real estate, and our portfolio has generated an average annualized return (AAR) of 50.6% for investors.

Investor Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an accredited investor, you will receive all of Disrupt Equity’s offerings directly to your email address. 

For each investment opportunity, you will receive an email notification from us announcing the offering. In most cases we will host a webinar to provide you with more information regarding the investment offering. Please ensure to whitelist team@disruptequity.com to ensure you receive all email notifications. 

Disrupt Equity offers both 506b and 506c investment opportunities. Our 506b offers accept both Non Accredited and Accredited Investors. However, 506c offerings do require you to be an Accredited Investor.

If you are a non-accredited investor looking to receive our 506(b) investment opportunities, please ensure you book a call with a member of our team here. 

Click here to learn more about what it means to be an an accredited Investor. Click here to find out what it means to be a Sophisticated Investor.

Our minimum investment requirements range from $50k- $100k.

On average Disrupt Equity offers at least 5 investment opportunities a year for our passive investors. If there are currently no open opportunities, rest assured that we are actively working on sourcing and vetting deals.

Each investment is different and is not indicative of future performance. On average we will model anywhere between a 7-9% cash on cash return, and a 15-25% average annualized return to investors.

At Disrupt Equity we are very conservative in our underwriting and prefer to exceed our investor expectations. Our track record across all projects has equated to a 50.6% average annual return to our investors. 

As an investor with Disrupt Equity, your investment will go towards equity ownership in the property(s).  You will receive a K-1 at the end of each year for each of your investments with us. You’ll be able to access these documents from our secure investor portal.

To give you an example of what this would look like; our past 3 investment offerings are projecting a 30-50% tax write-off for investors in year-1 allowing high-income earners to save tens of thousands of capital in taxes. 

Yes! We accept investments in cash, a self-directed ira, solo 401k, eQRP, as well as select 1031 exchanges.

Distributions will be paid out on a monthly basis. The distribution schedule will be outlined within the investment offering. In most cases, we begin our monthly distributions 3 to 6 months after closing on the property. 

Investors will receive monthly investor updates from our team providing an update on the performance of the property along with a link to the property(s) full financial package. Investors will also have access to their investor portal where they can review their investment details and relevant documents at any time.

Yes. We do accept 1031 proceeds for our offerings. Please reach out to our team at team@disruptequity.com to discuss your 1031 exchange. 

Disrupt Equity's Track Record

Disrupt Equity’s portfolio has generated an average annualized return (AAR) of 50.6% for investors. Disrupt has successfully closed over $680,000,000 in multifamily real estate transactions.

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Disrupt Equity Investor Testimonials

Our Investment Strategy

At Disrupt Equity, we focus on targeting class A, B, and C multifamily properties in high-growth markets. We focus on assets positioned in submarkets with great market fundamentals, including strong population growth and job growth, in tax-friendly, landlord-friendly states.

Each asset that we acquire holds clear value-add opportunities that allow our team to work directly with our in-house property management company and construction management company. We implement strategic capital improvements, operational efficiencies, and revenue-generating initiatives to improve the apartment community and property value, producing strong cash flow and appreciation returns to our investors.

Our Acquisition Criteria

Property Type: Multifamily and New Development
Target Markets: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, and Texas.
Property Size: 100-500 units
Transaction Size: $20 to $80 million
Property Class: A & B
Vintage: 1990-2023
Ownership Type: Outright, Partnership, Joint Venture

Disrupt Equity has one of the most robust deal pipelines in the nation. We actively leverage our extensive network of brokers to identify and review properties throughout the markets, which we have identified as markets that can bring real value to investors. We analyze hundreds of deals every month to find a deal that can handle our scrutiny and bring strong and lucrative opportunities to our passive investors

Our Team Of Experts

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Managing Partner
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Ben Suttles

Managing Partner

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Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Tarek Moussa

Vice President of Investor Relations

David Hudgins

Senior Director of Acquisitions

Chris Ingle

Investor Relations-Associate

Sandra Benenate

Director of Asset Management

Deborah Pritchard

Chief Financial Officer

Cynthia McMillion

President of Disrupt Management

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Senior Accountant

Nimira Karim

Human Resources Manager

Ara Roxas

Assistant to the President

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Operations Assistant

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Director of Capital Markets

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Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Operations Trainer

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Director of Marketing

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Social Media Manager

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Property Accountant

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Senior Property Manager

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Regional Manager

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Senior Property Manager

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Regional Manager

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Bookkeeping Specialist

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Event Manager

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Property Support Administrator

Melissa Torres

Executive Assistant
Skye Sancerni Human Resources Coordinator

Skye Sancerni

Human Resources Coordinator

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Asset Manager

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Financial Analyst

Dan Phelan

Director of Acquisitions

Carol Rowbotham

Floating Property Manager

Michael Racusin

Chief Legal Officer

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