What is passive real estate investing | How to make your money work for you!

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Want to grow your wealth but don’t have the time or energy to manage your investments? In this video you will learn the basics of PASSIVE investing in multifamily real estate or in other words investing in apartments to grow your wealth- without all the work or stress! Passive investing in multifamily real estate is a way to make your money work for you. To increase your education on passive investing and all things multifamily real estate leave us a question in the comments or visit our website at www.disruptequity.com

This is Jaymee!
Jaymee and her family have been investing in the new york stock exchange for the last 5 years! Over the course of their investing they have received both revenue and losses but their primarily gain is Stress!!!
Between  work, their kids soccer practice, ballet lessons, spelling bees, and parent teacher meetings,
Worrying about the stock market going up and down and when to buy and sell their shares has become way too much of a burden!
….Not to mention the high risk of their families financial security riding upon their investments!
Jaymee and her husband want to pursue a new investment option that will create less stress, less risk, and a substantial reward.
Jaymee has done her research and has come across the idea of becoming a passive investor!
Jaymee has learned that passive Investing is when an individual contributes their money as an investment, and allows another firm, group, or company to manage the day to day activities of the investment.
Passive Investing allows investors like jaymee to receive continuous distributions from their investment, without much daily hassle!
When the asset is sold Jaymee will receive a substantial return on her investment that will accumulate the wealth and financial freedom for her family that she has always desired! Not to mention the reduction of her stress!
……This is what makes a passive investment PASSIVE – it’s hands off! Allowing Jaymee and her husband more time to enjoy life and the financial ability to send their kids to the college of their dreams!