Multifamily VS Single family Real Estate Investing

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Single family VS multifamily real estate investing. What’s the right investment for you? Watch this quick and simple video to compare the affects each can asset have upon the profitability and risk of your investment. At Disrupt Equity we focus specifically on investing in multifamily assets through syndication. Multifamily real estate allows for syndicators like us to force a properties appreciation, push it’s NOI, and most importantly increase our investors overall return! These are some of many reasons why multifamily real estate investing is one of the safest most profitable asset classes to build wealth.

Meet Jose
Jose has been wanting to invest in real estate to grow his wealth!
while exploring his options Jose has come across a dilemma… Should he invest in a single family or multifamily property?
Jose asks his father Kyle who is an active investor. Kyle explains that typically multifamily investing is less risky, and more profitable for an investor. Jose wants to know why this is?

Kyle explains that with any investment there is a risk at hand but multifamily limits that risk. For example it is  unlikely to have an apartment that obtains 100% vacancies and if vacancies do occur there will still be cash flow collected to cover the expenses of any vacancies!

Alternatively these risks are very prominent in a single-family where a single vacancy will hinder all cash flow leaving all expenses held upon the investor…

Kyle goes on to say that with a multifamily property, investors can force appreciation..

Although single family homes can be renovated to increase the selling price, single family homes are at the mercy of the market and the prices of homes in the same neighborhood… Multifamily properties are not at the mercy of the market and have the opportunity to force appreciation, increase NOI, and the return on investment through many different strategies!

Jose is thankful to his father Kyle and finds that multifamily investing lines us with his financial goals and is excited to get started!