The Sale of Woods of Decatur!

October 24, 2019
October 24, 2019 disrupt

The Sale of Woods of Decatur!2 min read

Disrupt Equity is excited to announce that we have sold Woods of Decatur on October 24th, 2019! The Disrupt team is very happy to see the turnaround we have completed on this deal, and see it go full cycle so quickly after driving so much value into it. We are extremely grateful to our investors for putting their trust in our business plan and allowing this deal to be a success.

Deal Highlights:

Woods of Decatur is a 99 unit asset located in Atlanta, Georgia. Disrupt partners Ben Suttles, and Feras Moussa were first hesitant on acquiring the asset but trusted in their business model, and we’re confident that they could make good money to investors. An attractive aspect to Woods of Decatur was not necessarily the outside look of the property, but the bones of the complex. The deal consisted of all 2-3 bedrooms, with each unit equipped with washer and dryer connections. With the low price point, and the asset trailing below-market rents, the Disrupt team knew we could get the asset cleaned up, and get the property performing incredibly well. Although we have faced many unexpected challenges throughout the hold time of this deal, we are thankful that within 18th months, we were able to achieve 80% return to our investors! Below are some highlights:

Return to Investors: 80%
Annualized Return: 50%

Takeover: 80%
Sale: 94%

Economic Occupancy
Takeover: bottomed out at 35%
Sale: 88%

Total Income
Takeover: $26k
Sale: $85k

Takeover: $3.5k
Sale: $37k

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