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Rasool Mutawakkil

Director of Acquisitions

Brief info

Rasool Mutawakkil specializes in financial analysis and underwriting to determine an investment’s potential. As a U.S. Army veteran intelligence operative, his attention to detail, work ethic, and desire to serve others with pertinent information are his primary drivers.

Rasool has a bachelor’s degree in computer programming and is certified with numerous financial licenses in the state of Florida. He was an owner-operator of a multiple six-figure Airbnb business in Miami and currently has grown his multifamily investment portfolio by over $10MM in the past year.
As a husband, father, and ambitious entrepreneur, his long-term goals include 1) establishing generational wealth for his family as well as 2) the continuous development of his education platform to show others how they, too, can reach any financial goal faster than they ever thought possible.

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