Stay In The Loop- Company Updates!

April 15, 2019
April 15, 2019 disrupt

Stay In The Loop- Company Updates!3 min read

2019 has been off to an amazing start as Disrupt Equity continues to expand its portfolio as well as grow internally to better streamline its operations. Here are some company updates to give you some insight into the company’s last couple of months!


In the past 90 days, Disrupt Equity has raised 14 million dollars to close three deals in two states! The company has entered into the San Antonio market with its acquisition of Alamo Oaks as well entering the rising  Atlanta, GA with its acquisitions of Sterling Chase and Marketplace Square Apartments! The company is extremely excited to increase the performance of these assets and achieve great returns for its investors!


Alamo Oaks

sterling (2)

Sterling Chase




MFIN Conference!

Disrupt Equity has partnered with Wolfe Investments to host The first Multifamily Investor Network Conference that was held on 2/23/19. This conference was created to give people an open forum to expand their knowledge in multifamily real estate as well as network with like-minded individuals. The launch of this event was extremely successful in obtaining over 250 attendees. Both companies look forward to expanding this conference, so with that being said Disrupt Equity and Wolfe Investments have set a date for the next upcoming MFIN Conference!  This event will be held on June 22, 2019 in LA at the Marina del Rey Marriott hotel. Book Now

For more details make sure to follow our MFIN Facebook page and Facebook Group to stay updated on guest speakers, and early-bird specials!

The Commercial Cash Flow Show!


Watch Disrupt Equity partners, Feras Moussa and Ben Suttles on the recent episode of the Commercial Cash Flow Show with host Ronny Philips! They will be discussing how they have acquired 1200+ units in 12 months and how they have achieved a 365% return to investors on one deal in 2.5 years!


Disrupt Equity has hired Neil Bertrand as a full-time asset manager. Neil possesses over 20 years of experience in all areas of multifamily management. His background includes property and asset management, new construction lease-up, and value add renovation/rehab projects for clients ranging from private owners to large institutional investors. Disrupt is so excited to have him on board! Along with a new hire, IMS will be implemented into Disrupts operations. IMS will be a tremendous value-add for the company to aid in better communication with investors while providing a valuable platform to manage data.

To stay in the loop on property updates, additional acquisitions and the MFIN conference follow us on Facebook and Linkedin!


Disrupt Equity Team

If you are interested in investing in multifamily real estate syndications, please visit Disrupt Equity’s investment page here. On this page you can go through our investors Frequently Asked Questions as well as submit a form to be notified of our upcoming investment opportunities!


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