Multifamily Real Estate Investment Offerings

Our strength is in our ability to provide our investors with complete multifamily real estate investment offerings that are able to achieve and exceed projections, allowing investors to safely build their investment portfolio.

Asset Identification

We actively communicate with a large network of brokers to identify and review assets throughout the markets we have identified as markets that can bring true value to investors. We analyze hundreds of deals to find a deal that can handle our scrutiny and achieve the returns we need.

Asset Acquisition

Once an asset is identified, we manage all aspects of acquiring the asset – from getting the legal entities, paperworks, and PPM completed, to getting the loan and sponsors identified and completed, to raising the funds necessary with our investors to get to closing.

Asset Management

We excel at asset management – with frequent reporting as well as checking-in on assets, we ensure the asset performs and allows us to accomplish our business plan for investors. This allows us to achieve or exceed our projections, helping us maintain our high investor satisfaction.

Asset Rehab

To achieve our returns, several of our deals are value-add plays with a rehab component. With our proven track record, we manage these rehabs in-house ‘included with’ our asset management, saving our investors both costs and risk.

Asset Exit

Upon completion of our business plan for investors, we manage the steps necessary to successfully complete the business plan on ‘the backend’ – whether it’s a refinance or sale.