Longfellow Sold With a 55% Annualized Return!

October 21, 2019
October 21, 2019 disrupt

Longfellow Sold With a 55% Annualized Return!2 min read

The Disrupt Equity team is excited to announce that we have officially closed on Longfellow Apartments! Longfellow is a 139 unit, class C+ asset, located in Beaumont Texas. In the initial steps of analyzing this deal, the asset came with some drawbacks. Longfellow Apartments had flat roofs, chillers, and was located within a tertiary market. Despite these drawbacks the Disrupt team saw potential to add a ton of value to the asset and increase its performance. With the correct execution of our business plan, within 22 months, Disrupt achieved a 90% return to our investors. Below are some highlights on the sale of Longfellow Apartments:



Investor Return: 90%

Annualized Return: 55%


Total Income

Purchase Price: $5.28M

Sale: $7M

Profit: $2M



Takeover: $450K

Sale: $600K


We are thankful to our investors for their faith and support throughout this process. Disrupt is excited to continue to rapidly expand and improve our business! Stay tuned for some exciting projects ahead. As always you can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will be pushing weekly educational content on all things multifamily real estate. Please contact team@disruptequity.com if you would like to contact us directly!


Thank you,

Disrupt Team

If you are interested in investing in multifamily real estate syndications, please visit Disrupt Equity’s investment page here. On this page you can go through our investors Frequently Asked Questions as well as submit a form to be notified of our upcoming investment opportunities!


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